Election by the numbers

The results of the May 14 B.C. election have been broken down area by area

The provincial election is now almost three months behind us, but data just released by Elections BC allows for a closer peek at how the vote looked not just by region or city, but down to the very neighbourhood.

The election rolled out in favour of incumbent MLA Bill Bennett, with 94 of the 101 areas in the Kootenay East riding giving the edge to the B.C. Liberals.

While Bennett got 63 per cent of the overall vote on May 14, he won 94 per cent of Kootenay East’s voting area.

There were pockets that voted in favour of B.C. NDP candidate Norma Blissett, and many close battles.

For instance, in the neighbourhood adjacent to Steeples Elementary 56 per cent of voters marked their ballot in favour of Norma Blissett compared to the other 44 per cent for Bill Bennett.

Across the tracks, in the neighbourhood just beside Slaterville to the north-east, Blissett had a lead of 64 per cent, while nearby, on the downtown side of the tracks Bennett took the most votes with 53 per cent.

On the south side of town, in the neighbourhood near Laurie Middle School, between 17th and Victoria Avenue and Baker Street and 2nd Street South, the vote again tipped in Blissett’s favour 55 per cent.

The neighbourhood between 2nd and 4th Street South and 7th and 11th Avenue voted in favour of Blissett over Bennett by a margin of 55 per cent, while the roughly same size neighbourhood directly west voted 54 per cent in favour of Bennett.

The households on the east side of 11th Avenue up to 14th Avenue and from 4th to 10th Street, voted on the B.C. NDP side of the fence as well, 53 per cent for Blissett.

The St. Mary’s region north of Cranbrook also voted decisively in favour of Blissett, 87 per cent.

In Fernie, the area downtown from the highway to 4th Avenue and the river to 11th Street was behind Blissett by 53 per cent. The neighbourhood directly beside, also part of the downtown, voted similarly, 55 per cent for Blissett.