Ecosystem restoration burn planned for Premier Lake area

Ecosystem restoration burn planned for Premier Lake area

A prescribed ecosystem restoration burn is being planned for 12 hectares in the Premier Lake area, according to the BC Wildfire Service.

The timing of the burn may vary, but could start as early as Wed., Sept. 30th, but will only proceed if conditions are suitable for a low-intensity to moderate-intensity fire.

Smoke may be visible from Skookumchuck and surrounding communities, and to motorists travelling along Highway 93.

Trained BC Wildfire Service personnel will monitor this fire at all times.

Key goals of this prescribed burn are to preserve park values and include:

• help restore forest health and properly functioning open forest conditions

• enhance wildlife habitat and forage, particularly for elk and mule deer

• address forest health issues associated with overly dense tree stands

• reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires in the area

Fire is a normal and natural process in many of B.C.’s ecosystems. The BC Wildfire Service works regularly with land managers to undertake fuel management activities (including the use of prescribed burns), to help reduce the severity of future wildfires and related threats to communities.