Dry hydrant installed at Jim Smith Lake

A new dry fire hydrant will help firefighters will help resupply tender and tanker trucks in the event of a fire.

A new dry fire hydrant at Jim Smith Lake will help firefighters will help resupply tender and tanker trucks in the event of a fire.

Prior to the dry hydrant installation, fire fighters  had to rely on hydrants at Van Horne Street and Wattsville Road or 1214 Cobham Avenue West to resupply the water shuttle operation.

The new hydrant was put in by the Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services, in partnership with the Regional District of East Kootenay.

The hydrant will be utilized as a water supply to support water shuttle operations to the properties surrounding the Jim Smith Lake area.

“It is estimated that the location of the new hydrant will reduce turn around shuttle operation times by 13-16 minutes,” wrote city staff. “Recognizing the critical need for water supply at the early stage of a fire, the new installation will provide for a much more efficient and effective response and fire fighter operations.”

The operational guidelines for the hydrant have been developed and fire staff is undergoing training for use and maintenance of the dry hydrant system. Once they complete the training, the hydrant will be deemed in use for service.

Certification tests will be conducted in order to receive insurance recognition subsequent to placing the hydrant system in service.

This certification test process should be completed by the end of October.

The city noted the dry hydrant is the first of a number of systems which form part of a program to provide water supplies to extended areas of Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services rural fire protection area.

The dry hydrant program will provide a reliable water supply at strategic locations in order to optimize response and operations to these extended areas.