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Drought restrictions increase for Cranbrook residents

Cranbrook enters stage two of water restrictions, East Kootenays move to level four on drought scale
A map shows the varying drought levels assigned to regions in B.C. The East Kootenay region is a level four, which means residents must reduce their outdoor water use by 50 per cent (map courtesy of City of Cranbrook)

Outdoor water restrictions in Cranbrook have moved to stage two amidst severe drought conditions that are impacting the province.

As of July 14, residents are encouraged to reduce their number of watering days to two days per week. Even numbered properties can water Monday and Thursday, while odd numbered properties can water Tuesday and Friday between 5 and 10 a.m. or 8 and 11 p.m. Watering on Sunday, Wednesday or Saturday is discouraged until further notice. These regulations impact grass and ornamental plants, but not vegetable gardens or edible plants.

This request is voluntary, however, should conditions worsen, everyone will be required to follow stage two restrictions or move to stage three, which reduces watering to one day per week.

The entire East Kootenay region has reached a level four on the five-point drought scale and the provincial government now requires residents living in this area to reduce outdoor water use by 50 per cent. Drought levels are unprecedented, with many stations recording their near-lowest flow on record.

For more information about provincial drought levels, visit the British Columbia Drought Information Portal.

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