The yards of Cranbrook

The yards of Cranbrook

Deer complaints are up this week

Despite a resolution forgoing a cull, if deer numbers are excessively high, the urban deer committee could reevaluate options.

  • Oct. 23, 2013 7:00 p.m.

At council Monday, Mayor Wayne Stetski hinted that despite a resolution two weeks ago forgoing a cull, if deer numbers are excessively high, the committee that looks at managing urban deer  could reevaluate options.

It comes after a recent spate of complaints regarding urban deer in Cranbrook.

Coun. Gerry Warner noted that the city received a number of complaints this week about deer, mostly about deer eating flowers and the like. However, one  involved a deer that attacked and killed a dog near Idlewild.

“I just wish I had voted against not having a cull this year,” Warner said. “I still think we need one.”

Mayor Wayne Stetski said the city would be monitoring the deer situation over the next month or two. The deer count will be held on Nov. 16.

The count involves groups of volunteers scouring every street of the city spotting deer at the same time to get the most accurate count. The count gives a minimum number of deer in the city, as deer hidden by fences and in bushes may be missed.

Stetski said the count would give the city and the Urban Deer Management Advisory Committee a better idea of the deer numbers within the community.

“The committee may decide that they want something different,” he said. “We’ll monitor it, see where things go.”

Premier Christy Clark sent a letter to council regarding the meeting they had at the UBCM conference regarding urban wildlife management. In the letter Clark said she appreciated the work that the City of Cranbrook is putting into the topic. She stressed that Steve Thomson, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations will be beginning a task force to look into the urban deer issue shortly.

“I commend you for your commitment to public service and for working so hard on behalf of the people of Cranbrook,” Clark said in the letter. “I want to encourage you to keep in touch with us because by working together we can better meet the goals and objectives of our province and better understand the local priorities.”