Deadline looming for Canada Post, union talks

Talks at an impasse between Canada Post, Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

A deadline for a strike mandate by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers is fast approaching as negotiations have stalled with Canada Post.

On Aug. 25,  a 60-day strike mandate will expire for CUPW, which leaves a few options for both sides, according to a union press release.

CUPW and Canada Post can agree in writing to extend the 60-day period to allow negotiations to continue and allow the union the retain their right to strike. If the 60-day period is not extended, then the union could issue a 72-hour strike notice on or before Aug. 25.

If the strike mandate expires, CUPW would have to hold another strike vote in order to have the ability to issue a strike notice.

“We have been saying since the beginning of this round that we want to achieve negotiated collective agreements,” read a CUPW press release. “We have also stated throughout this process that we do not want to go on strike. This position has not changed.”

Canada Post calls CUPW’s request for the corporation’s support to extend the strike mandate ‘inappropriate’.

“Canada Post remains committed to negotiating agreements that are fair to our employees, and allow us to continue to provide affordable pricing and service to Canadians,” reads a press release from Canada Post. “After nine months of negotiations, there has been little progress on significant issues. CUPW’s demands, worth more than a billion dollars, would make Canada Post products and services completely unaffordable.”

Canada insists it must make changes to the system to ensure financial viability.

Both sides are blaming each other for the lack of a negotiated deal and claim to be willing to head back to the table any time for further talks.