Dark MBSS art show on Tuesday night

'Incognito - A Hidden Expression of Dark Art' set in private home

The most fitting visual art exhibit of the season is on display tonight, Tuesday, Oct. 29, in a private residence.

Mount Baker Secondary School art teacher Cheryl Wilkinson is hosting “Incognito — A Hidden Expression of Dark Art.” The show features a collection of art representing alter egos and dark, hidden aspects of teenage personalities.

“I asked the students to produce pieces that were about what could be hidden or dark, either in themselves personally or teenagers in general, or what their personal alter egos are — an expression like that,” Wilkinson said. “They could have gone socially or politically, but none did as much as going more personally.”

Wilkinson said there are students exploring mental illness, eating disorders, closet homosexuality, as well as more “Halloween-type art, taking portraits and making them dark and eerie.”

“Incognito” bodes to be a thought-provoking show, though Wilkinson said there are some fun pieces incorporated into the whole.

Wilkinson said she’d always wanted to host an art exhibit in a home, so the students could set up installations specific to a living space.

“So the eating disorders are set up in the kitchen, for example. The homosexuality piece is in a closet. There’s something going on by the fire pit that’s reminiscent of Macbeth.”

The public is welcome to come out to view the display. “Incognito” runs tonight, Tuesday, Oct. 29, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at 2621 5th Street South. Admission is a Food Bank donation.