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Cranbrook’s new mayor and councillors sworn in

Judge Grant Sheard leads each councillor through the oath of office
Cranbrook’s Mayor and Council, left to right: Wesly Graham, Wayne Stetski, Norma Blissett, Mayor Wayne Price, Lynnette Wray, Ron Popoff and Mike Peabody. (Barry Coulter photo)

Cranbrook’s 25th mayor and new councillors were officially sworn in at a ceremony held Thursday, Oct. 27, at the Royal Alexandra Hall.

Provincial Court Judge Grant Sheard was on hand to conduct the ceremony, and led each councillor, elected or re-relected on October 15,through the oath of office. The councillors and mayor affirmed the commitment to uphold their office and treat each other with respect

Cranbrook’s City Council is comprised of Mayor Wayne Price, and Councillors Norma Blissett, Wesly Graham, Mike Peabody, Ron Ropoff, Wayne Stetski and Lynnette Wray.

“I think it’s going to be a very interesting four years, and I’m really looking forward to it,” Mayor Price said after being sworn in. “We’ve got a lot of different backgrounds [on Council], and lot of different influences. That level of diversity … everybody’s going to be bringing something a little bit different to council, and I think that’s going to make for some very interesting debate.

“This council is going to be be very true to transparency, openness, and good healthy debate in making the decisions. I really believe that seven people have to be involved in every decision we make.”

After orientation this week, Cranbrook’s Mayor and Council have to get right to work. Budget sessions are immediately in the offing, and revisions to Cranbrook’s strategic plan are also looming in the coming weeks.

Barry Coulter

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