Cranbrook voter turnout creeps up six per cent

Voters decided on fluoridation, Area C director and School trustess

Preliminary results from Saturday’s municipal election indicate voter turnout was 39 per cent in Cranbrook. Up from 2011’s 33 per cent.

Out of an estimated 14,819 eligible voters, 5,786 ended up casting ballots.

Voters in Cranbrook cast ballots in several categories — Mayor, City Council, School District 5 Trustee, and RDEK Director for Area C.

School District Trustee preliminary results are as follows: Patricia Whalen (1930 votes), Doug McPhee (1688), Chris Johns (1791), Gail Brown (1722), Trina Ayling (1705). McPhee is the new face on the board, taking over the seat from Olivia Besanger who didn’t run this election.

RDEK Area C director Rob Gay was re-elected with 543 votes over challenger Don Flowers, who garnered 215 votes.

The referendum qustion on the ballot was whether to discontinue the fluoridation of the Cranbrook water supply. (“Are you in favour of Council adopting City of Cranbrook Cease Fluoridation Bylaw No. 3799, 2014, which authorizes stopping the addition of fluoride to the municipal water supply effective January 1, 2015?”)

2794 voted against, 2473 voted in favour. Fluoridation will continue.