Cranbrook taking action for mosquito control

Cranbrook taking action for mosquito control

Early monitoring shows a lot of mosquito larvae activity, and with snowmelt underway, the City of Cranbrook is taking steps for bug control over the summer.

First treatments to sites where mosquito larvae have been found by using a granular larvicide called Aquabac. The larvicide contains a natural bacteria called Bti, which targets the larvae but does not harm birds, mammals, other insects or amphibians, according to the city.

The city will be conducting a second round of treatment to the Alkali lakes in the Community Forest this week, using a helicopter to drop the Bti in targeted areas. Treatment from the air using a helicopter will allow the city maximize the effect of Bti by treating larger areas more quickly.

Potential mosquito breeding sites will be continually monitored and treated as needed throughout the spring and summer.

However, the public has a role to play in mosquito control as well.

Standing water on residential or commercial properties are potential breeding grounds for mosquitos and should be eliminated.

Standing water sources could include:

• Clogged gutters and ditches,

• Trays under flower pots,

• Outside pets’ dishes,

• Children’s pools and toys,

• Untreated or unmaintained pools or ponds,

• Bird baths and feeders,

• Tarps,

• Canoes / boats,

• Tires

Residents are encouraged to call the Mosquito Hotline at (250) 421-1294 to report potential mosquito development sites or for more information regarding the Mosquito Control Program.