Cranbrook city hall.

Cranbrook signs up for provincial entrepreneur immigration pilot program

Cranbrook is one of 50 communities across the province that has signed up to participate in the second phase of an entrepreneur immigration pilot program.

The BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Pilot is a partnership between nominated communities and the province designed to foster economic growth by attracting new entrepreneurs to open businesses.

“We are experiencing record-breaking growth in our city and we can offer entrepreneurs a wonderful place to call home, “ says Darren Brewer, Economic Development Officer with the City of Cranbrook “We have it all: a booming economy, and the amenities of a large urban center. We just need the right entrepreneurs to seize this opportunity.”

“We are proud to be a part of this pilot project, it will provide a path for entrepreneurs who can support innovation and growth in our City. This will bring new investment which will positively impact our City and our residents.”

Other regional communities in the program include Kimberley, Columbia Valley, Trail, Castlegar and Nelson.

According to the province, communities identify businesses that are a priority for economic growth, and search for entrepreneurs with experience managing those types of businesses.

Based on the program requirements, prospective candidates must visit the community to get a first-hand experience of what the economic climate and the lifestyle is like. Candidates must also have a referral from the community, which is a requirement to apply for the pilot program.

Other requirements include establishing a business that aligns with the priorities of the referring community, creating at least one full-time job for a Canadian citizen or resident, have business or management experience, among other conditions.

“The Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Pilot has the potential to grow the Cranbrook economy through the attraction of new businesses,” says Helen Barron, Executive Director of the Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce. “This program will also provide rural BC the opportunity to showcase our communities and demonstrate the benefits of immigrating to smaller towns in the province, rather than just our urban centres.”