Cranbrook seniors: what is the need?

Cranbrook’s Better At Home program developers want to know what services seniors need to stay in their homes longer

A pair of community developers is working to determine how many Cranbrook seniors are isolated, vulnerable and require in-home non-medical services.

Sandra Davis and Pat Wray are seeking input for the Better At Home program, a United Way initiative funded by the Ministry of Health. Once the consultation stage is complete, an agency will be named to offer Better At Home services in Cranbrook.

These support services could include light housekeeping, grocery shopping, transportation to appointments, simple home repairs, friendly visiting, light yard work and snow shovelling.

“How many seniors do we have in this community who could successfully maintain their independence at home with a little bit of practical support?” said Davis.

But first, Davis and Wray need to determine what and where the need is in Cranbrook for seniors in-home services.

“In order for this to happen, we need the support and will of the community to identify priorities and make this program a reality for Cranbrook,” said Davis.

The pair are gathering input in a questionnaire for seniors until mid-March. If you or someone you know could benefit from in-home non-medical support, contact Pat at 250-464-4889 or Sandra at 250-489-4593, or email

The consultation will be capped off with a community meeting on Friday, April 5 at the Days Inn Ballroom in Cranbrook from 9 a.m. to noon. Please call to register.

“If you, or someone you know could use these kinds of support, please add your voice,” said Davis.

According to B.C. Stats, 17.4 per cent of Cranbrook residents are aged 65 or older, as opposed to 14.8 per cent of the national population.

“We are living longer and the number of residents over the age of 80 continues to increase. As we age, other risk factors fall into play, such as physical demands, transportation and social isolation as we lose our friends and loved ones,” said Davis.

“The vast majority of our seniors are socially dynamic, healthy and capable but we also have others who struggle with day to day tasks that the active take for granted. Life circumstances can very quickly change the picture for any individual and can lead to a significant loss in quality of life.”

Questionnaire for seniors

Phone 250-464-4889 or 250-489-4593 before mid-March