Pictured is mosquito larvae in a body of water. (City of Cranbrook file)

Pictured is mosquito larvae in a body of water. (City of Cranbrook file)

Cranbrook mosquito control program underway

Early tests identify a possible boom in the local mosquito population

The City of Cranbrook has a jump on their 2021 mosquito control program.

The City says that efforts are underway to battle a “possible boom in the local mosquito population”, with early monitoring showing a lot of mosquito larvae activity.

“Over the last two weeks, the City’s contractor completed the first treatment directed at the mosquitoes in the larvae stage, by hand placing the granular larvacide Aquabac onto sites where larvae have been found,” said the City in a press release. “This larvacide contains a naturally occuring bacterium known as BTI, which targets the mosquito larvae, but does not harm birds, mammals, beneficial insects or amphibians. This product is registered for use in Canada.”

The City adds that any potential breeding sites will be monitored and treated on an as-needed basis over the course of the next few months.

There are several things that residents can do to help keep mosquito populations down. As the City explained, standing water has a huge potential for mosquito development.

Some places that you can eliminate standing water from include gutters and ditches, trays under flower pots, outside pets’ dishes, children’s pools and toys, untreated or unmaintained pools or ponds, bird baths and feeders, tarps, canoes/boats and tires.

The City asks that residents call the mosquito hotline at (250) 421-1294 to report potential mosquito development sites or for more information regarding the mosquito control program.