Cranbrook Guides face tough call

A lack of leaders could mean the Girl Guides group for Grades 4 to 6 has to be cancelled this September

Girls in Grades 4, 5 and 6 might not get the chance to take part in Girl Guides in Cranbrook this fall.

“Some sad news: we may have to cancel our Guides unit Grades 4 to 6. There will be some sad girls out there, but we do not have any leaders yet for this coming year,” said Tara Archambault, District Commissioner.

Previous leaders have moved on to other ventures, Archambault said, leaving that age bracket without enough leaders to carry on. Only one casual leader remains.

“We would like at least two more leaders,” she said.

Leaders attend a two-hour meeting, once a week from September through to June.

“Planning for that meeting takes a couple of hours at least a week,” she said.

In addition, they would attend a monthly meeting and any camp trips that have been planned, as well as helping with a few fundraising ventures throughout the year.

Formal training is available, but leaders can also learn from mentors to start the process.

It’s a popular age bracket that is facing being shut down, Archambault went on.

“There will be about 24 girls registered this year that would miss out,” she said.

“Guides do games, crafts, field trips, camping trips, unit work, and have guest speakers. It’s all focused on girl power through friendship and knowledge of self.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about leadership with the Cranbrook Girl Guides can email Archambault at