Van Horne Towing in Cranbrook recently donated this jeep to Ekklesia Millenium Society to help them with their food deliveries. The society fed 36,000 people in 2019. (Submitted file)

Van Horne Towing in Cranbrook recently donated this jeep to Ekklesia Millenium Society to help them with their food deliveries. The society fed 36,000 people in 2019. (Submitted file)

Cranbrook businesses come together to donate vehicle to Ekklesia Millennium Society

The Jeep will help the society to deliver meals to those in need throughout the community

Van Horne Towing in Cranbrook recently donated a Jeep to the Ekklesia Millenium Society, in an effort to help the society with their meal delivery program.

Ekklesia Millenium Society is a non-profit organization which focuses on helping those in need with meal programs, a shuttle service, counselling and more.

Philip Crossfield, Vice President of Ekklesia Millenium Society, says that COVID-19 has highlighted the need for their services, with people unable or scared to leave their homes in some cases.

“We have been doing more deliveries and phone counselling. We have stayed open to help people as an essential service, following the guidelines given to us by the health inspector. We have done some expanding so we can help more people,” said Crossfield.

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That is precisely why Van Horne Towing stepped in and donated a vehicle, says Joanne Bremner of Van Horne.

“We made a decision to put some work and money into fixing a vehicle for them when we heard they are in need of a reliable vehicle to help them deliver food to people that are unable to leave their homes,” explained Bremner. “When we read the story on their website, we thought, ‘we have to find a way to help’.”

She says that other businesses in Cranbrook stepped up to help make sure the vehicle was safe and reliable.

“We started working on a vehicle for them, fixing it up and making sure it was reliable, then asked for some help from other merchants in Cranbrook,” said Bremner. “We asked Chrystal Glass if he [could] donate a windshield and install it, his answer was yes right away.

“Realizing there was a few things we couldn’t do on our own, we asked Clint at Minute Muffler if he could help and again, yes right away. We also had a bit of body work we couldn’t fix ourselves so we asked Darcy from Signal Collision and, again, a yes right away. The final touch was to put their decals on and we asked Mark from Cranbrook signs. It looks and runs amazing.”

Crossfield says the vehicle will allow the society to help even more people, and it comes at a time that they needed help most.

“The donation of this particular vehicle will help us get around town to more people. We usually run a fleet of around 13 to 15 vehicles, but we have worn most down, and can no longer be used,” Crossfield said. “We are now down to six vehicles including this Jeep that has been donated. We are very appreciative that Van Horne Towing went the extra mile to talk to other businesses around town to invest in this Jeep so it could be donated. They took the time to fix it up and give [us] a great working vehicle, not just a junk car.”

Ekklesia Millenium Society serves three free meals a day, seven days a week through their ‘One Ladle at a Time’ program, delivering meals to those with mobility issues, running a soup and bread program called ‘Loaves and Ladles’, and running a shuttle service for those who need a ride to events or meals.

The society also hosts a theme night every Saturday (pre-COVID), where people can socialize, dress up and have fun. They offer counselling to those who need it as well.

Ekklesia Millennium Society recently put out a call for donations and volunteers, which prompted the Jeep donation. Crossfield says that they are still in need of volunteers, donations and vehicles.

“We are in need of donations to help us help more people,” he said. “Our staff is 95 per cent volunteers. If people are able to donate money, or vehicles like the one we are talking about, it would go a long way to serve our community.”

Information on volunteering and donating can be found on the Ekklesia Millenium Society website at

Crossfield thanks Van Horne Towing, along with the other Cranbrook businesses, for donating their time and efforts.

“This is a great blessing which really helps us out. These are the type of people and businesses that need to be pointed out that care for the community, that they are willing to go the extra mile to help those who are helping others,” Crossfield said. “They are all kind people as I was able to go around and meet the owners and managers of these businesses. May they be an example to the community that when people and businesses come and work together, many good things can be accomplished, and it builds unity within our city. Thank you guys again for the donation.”

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