Cranbrook, BC Hydro partner to attract energy-intensive industrial investment

The City of Cranbrook is partnering with BC Hydro to promote and market energy-intensive industrial customers looking to establish sustainable operations in the region and beyond in B.C.

“The City of Cranbrook is proud to work alongside BC Hydro to match new businesses to an industrial site,” said Darren Brewer, Economic Development Officer at the City of Cranbrook. “We are providing exceptional investment opportunities and are dedicated to supporting emerging and government-supported industries including those in the hydrogen and low carbon fuel production, clean technology, energy storage, advanced battery technology, and information and communications technology sectors.”

The city is touting a close collaboration with the province in areas of climate policies, critical infrastructure, and recruiting top talent, as well as streamlined regulations for easier business registration and permit applications and licenses.

“Cranbrook is an excellent location for companies looking to establish clean and sustainable operations in B.C.,” said Mike Matejka, Director and Engineering and Development Services at the City of Cranbrook. “We invite businesses to take advantage of this opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and operational costs while building a low carbon business.”

With a focus on growing technology and innovation within the region, Cranbrook is the hub of the Kootenays and opens up countless opportunities to invest in or expand operations within emerging and government-supported industries.

By investing in B.C., companies can connect to a resilient and integrated grid, which helps to minimize operational downtime while powering with renewable energy.

BC Hydro is an integrated electric utility that offers favourable and competitive industrial rates. Together with specialized funding and incentives, B.C. is among the lowest cost jurisdictions in North America.

With over 98 per cent of the power generated from clean and renewable hydroelectricity, companies that invest in B.C. can achieve their ESG targets while enjoying the benefits of a stable economy and a welcoming government.

For more information on investment opportunities in Cranbrook, visit the City of Cranbrook website or contact the Economic Development office.