Council paves way for go-kart track

Development permit approved for go-kart track in Cranbrook's industrial area

City council has paved the way for a proposal to have a go-kart track in the city.

On July 14, council approved the application for a Steep Slope Development Permit which will enable development of a paved go-kart track.

“There’s still a few steps to go, but I think we’re all really excited about hopefully seeing this on the ground and operating one day,” said Mayor Wayne Stetski.

At the June 24, 2013 meeting, council approved a zoning amendment which added amusement park including go-kart track to the permitted uses of the M-2 Zone specific to the property located at 1000 Industrial Road 2.

Because the property was designated a Steep Slope Development Permit area, an assessment was completed by McElhanney Consulting Services as part of the development permit approval process.

The city received an application for the permit from Chris Hirn to enable development of a property.

The go-kart track will consist of a paved track, approximately 365 metres long and six metres wide with a portable trailer on site.

The applicant met with Engineering, Planning and Economic Development staff and was provided the following requirements:

• Meet erosion and sediment control requirements.

• Provide water/sewer services to the site, or enter into a development agreement with engineering including provision of security to provide services within one year, or alternatively, seek a Development Variance Permit, exempting the site from site servicing requirements for the go-kart use.

• Obtain a business license.

Coun. Sharon Cross wondered if the process was taking too long.

“This is kind of a seasonal activity and so I’m wondering if the window is slowly closing on his opportunity and I hope that doesn’t impact him too much,” Cross said.

“I think, originally when we looked at this over a year ago, it was a three to four month operation.”

CAO Wayne Staudt noted that there’s still some ways to go.

“As you pointed out, he does have a few more things he has to get done,” Staudt said. “I know he’s been working on the site.”

Staudt said Hirn has done quite a bit of work on his own.