City council rejected a zoning change for a proposed development near Wildstone Golf Course during a meeting on Monday, April 26.

Council denies zoning application for proposed development near Wildstone

A rezoning application for a new mobile and single family residential development near Wildstone was rejected by city council on a recommendation from staff, which concluded that the proposal doesn’t fit within the community plan.

The applicant had requested that the proposed property, on the south side of Echo Field Road across from the former racetrack, be split into two halves. Under the proposal, one half would feature 144 lots of mobile home or single family (R-7) lots and the other half would feature 110 mobile home lots (R-8).

However, an analysis from staff found that the zoning application is not supported by the Official Community Plan, given the availability of land within the city already zoned for the two proposed purposes, as well as referencing a recent housing needs study that suggested pursuing varied housing types.

“The 44.14 acre property is one the few relatively flat and easily serviceable parcels of that size available in Cranbrook making it a good candidate for a more efficient use of the land for potential higher density, and more diverse housing types and forms, which may be more complementary to the Wildstone neighbourhood plan,” reads the staff report.

“While not in the plan area, the lands directly abut the plan area and are being marketed as ‘Wildstone Heights.’ The original neighbourhood plan does not contemplate the proposed development form.”

Council’s vote to deny the application was unanimous, as councillors leaned on the issues identified by staff.

“I agree with staff’s recommendation here,” said Councillor John Hudak. “I think we’re going to be getting to a point where were going to be seeing our housing shortage being dealt with and up in this particular area, I’m not exactly sure that I would be in favour of seeing this type of housing.

“It has some great sight lines to the east, whether it be Fisher Peak or The Steeples and for that reason, if we’re going to do anything up in that area, I’d like to see something along the lines of single family homes in that area.”

The applicant, Reef Point Cottages Ltd., requested the zoning change in a letter explaining the rationale, noting that mobile home parks in Cranbrook are operating at 100 per cent occupancy. The applicant also pointed to the city’s housing needs study in the proposal, citing a lack of housing options for seniors who may wish to downsize.

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