Cranbrook City Hall. Townsman file photo.

Cranbrook City Hall. Townsman file photo.

Council approves two-month extension for utility bill payments

Cranbrook businesses and residents have an extra two months to make payments on utility bills, following a new bylaw that was adopted in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The bylaw defers a two per cent penalty payments from April 30 to June 30, according to a media release from the City of Cranbrook. Utility bills cover the cost of city water, sanitary sewer and solid wast services.

The January-April utility bills were mailed out in late March, and those wishing to receive the five per cent discount are still required to pay the full amount by April 30.

Bill payments can be made online through the city’s website, through your financial banking institution, or dropping off a cheque through a drop box at city hall.

Some staff remain working at city hall, while the building has closed to the public.

Property owners on a pre-authorized payment program will continue to have withdrawls made from their accounts the first of every second month. If anyone wishes to cancel, or put payments on hold, contact city hall’s finance department.

The next city utility bill will be May-August 2020, which will be mailed out in July and due Aug. 31. Penalties will be applied to unpaid bills during that billing cycle.

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