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Cougar chases and attacks mountain biker near popular trail in Roberts Creek, B.C.

Big cat ‘lunged and swatted’ at woman at a popular Sunshine Coast biking destination

A woman is recovering after being attacked by a cougar while mountain biking on a popular trail in Roberts Creek, B.C., over the weekend.

The B.C. Conservation Officer Service says the big cat chased the woman then “lunged and swatted” at her near theB&K logging road, a popular biking destination.

It says a group of nearby trail builders arrived moments later and chased the cougar off.

The woman suffered minor injuries and was treated in hospital after the encounter on Sunday afternoon.

The service says two trails near the attack have been closed, and the public should stay away from the B&K trail network.

It says conservation officers did a sweep of the area and set up trail cameras on Sunday, but didn’t spot the cougar.

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