Community orchestra to present first concert

From Bach to Bond, the Cranbrook Community Orchestra is excited to show off their hard work over the past 6 months.

Dave Pasivirta

Dave Pasivirta

From the sounds of Bach to the unmistakeable James Bond theme song, the Cranbrook Community Orchestra is excited to present their first concert after forming only a few short months ago.

The orchestra, comprised of musicians ranging from beginners to experts, was formed by Dave Pasivirta and Shelagh Redecopp as a way for local musicians—regardless of abilities—to learn in an orchestral environment.

From musicians who haven’t touched an instrument since childhood to beginners looking to pick up a saxophone or clarinet for the first time, the Cranbrook Community Orchestra has been working since it formed to put on the upcoming show on Saturday, June 11 at 1 p.m. at Knox Presbyterian Church. Admission is at the door for $5.

“This is a first community effort at an orchestra where we’ve all come together and had a first effort at doing what we can with missing instruments and having a lot of fun together,” said Redecopp. “It’s an opportunity for us to show that to the public and our friends and families what work we have done, and it’s an opportunity for those who are wondering if it’s for them, if they want to take up an instrument and join us, come and see what we’re all about.

“We’re certainly not professional by any means.”

There are roughly 30 musicians who come out regularly for weekly practices, ranging from beginners to those who moonlight with the Symphony of the Kootenays.

“We’ve instrumentation that we’re not used to seeing around here, other than the Symphony,” said Redecopp. “We’ve got strings playing with winds and brass and percussion.”

The orchestra is short on stringed instruments, but they have most of the typical instruments in place, including violins, cellos, tubas and saxophones, to name a few,

“We’ve been able to represent the orchestral work in all its parts,” Redecopp added.