City’s 2022 capital projects program takes shape as cost challenges rise

Cranbrook’s 2022 capital projects program set to get underway. Trevor Crawley photo.

Cranbrook’s 2022 capital projects program set to get underway. Trevor Crawley photo.

Cranbrook’s 2022 capital works program is taking shape, with a number of projects on the way over the summer construction months.

The capital project involve a number of local areas with underlying infrastructure work, while the 2022 paving program is currently out to tender and will close this week.

One major project that began this week is the reconstruction of 4th St. N, which will see the reconstruction of road, water, sanitary sewer and storm water at a cost of $2.97 million, with the contract awarded to Copcan Civil LP.

Phase Two of the Mount Royal Rehabilitation program will begin in May or June, which will involve rehab work and resurfacing of the remaining major failure areas of Mount Royal Ridge and Mount Royal Drive. The project was awarded to BA Blacktop at $466,906.

“We’ve seen some significant price increases for construction work that are being felt by all municipalities,” said Mike Matejka, Manager of Roads and Infrastructure.

“These price increases are more volatile for certain materials and types of work, however, all indications from the civil construction industry suggest these prices won’t be coming down any time soon and may in fact continue, therefore, we are recommending moving forward with our high priority and critical infrastructure upgrades,.”

Other major projects with the 2022 slate include the full replacement of the Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) building and components at Wildstone.

That project will soon get underway, and staff warn that there will be some major water disruptions during the transition and commissioning of the new PRV. However, the city says it has plans in place to minimize impact to residents and will provide advance notice on water outages or disruptions.

Further work includes the rehabilitation of Joseph Creek from 15th Ave. S and 1st St. S, which is currently underway with vegetation removal along the creek channel. Work will begin on flood mitigation and creek channel rehabilitation during the prescribed fisheries window in July and August.

For road resurfacing, planned areas include sections of Larch Drive, Slater Rd. 12th St. N and Willowbrook Drive.

Full reconstruction of road and water services are in the planning stages for 12th Ave. S, between 2nd and 3rd St. S, however, that project will be subject to both pricing and budgets on other projects, according to the city.

“Construction costs and tender prices will continue to be monitored very carefully to ensure best value is being provided for our tax dollars,” says Matejka. “The infrastructure planning and delivery process will continue to focus efforts on project efficiencies related to construction materials and methods, such that our infrastructure investments continue to have significant and lasting impacts.”