City water usage voluntarily reduced

City plans to reduce water consumption and initiates voluntary watering restrictions.

  • Jul. 16, 2015 6:00 p.m.

Effective Friday, July 24, the City of Cranbrook will undertake voluntary watering restrictions and invites the public to join in.

The City will discontinue watering the green spaces and specified parks.

If further watering restrictions are required irrigation around City-owned buildings and Cemeteries will follow.

In addition, by adjusting the flows on underground sprinklers in the City  playgrounds and playfields, irrigation water consumption can be reduced by up to 30 per cent.

“Even with this little bit of rain here, we’re just being cautious with our water supply right now. Again, it’s just voluntary, the city doing their part by cutting back some water usage and we’re asking the public to cut back wherever they can as well,” said Derek Anderson, the Public Works manager with the City of Cranbrook.

The City will discontinue watering at the following green-spaces and specified parks:

• Green belt triangle located off Victoria Avenue

• Pop Price Park

• Staple Crescent

• Pinecrest

• ACT Park

• Highway Boulevard

• Rotary Trail

• Kinsmen Park off Victoria

• Balment Park – Western Financial Place

If required, the Cemeteries and buildings will follow:

• Western Financial Place

• Cranbrook Public Library

• R.C.M.P Building

• Fire Hall

• Chamber of Commerce

Irrigation will be reduced at the following playgrounds and playfields:

• Quad Ball Park

• Confederation Ball Park

• Moir Park

• Rotary Park

• MacKinnon Park

• Lions Park

City staff ask for your cooperation and encourage residents to reduce water consumption where possible.