City warns of basement flooding risk

Local homes hit hard as warming temperatures causing basement floods.

  • Mar. 16, 2017 7:00 p.m.

With the drastically warmer temperatures, rainfall and fast snow melt over the past days, Public Works is getting a large volume of calls around flooding basements.

It is important for those who are having flooding issues – and even those who are not — to make sure that any remaining snow is well away from your home. Find spaces on your own property to move this snow to and please do not push snow out into the street.

For those facing flooding issues, the City does have sandbags available free of charge in the lot next to the Public Works building on Cobham Avenue. Residents must fill the bags themselves and are asked to bring their own shovels to fill those sandbags.

The city says homeowners are responsible to take the first steps to minimize any damage to personal property, like removing undamaged items from the area.

Notify your homeowner or rental insurance agent of the damage as soon as possible to determine if your policy provides coverage for the damage.

This will also give your insurer the opportunity to investigate and proceed with repairs and any clean up quickly.

Dennis Hockley, owner of Bravo Restoration Services in Cranbrook, says his company is the busiest it’s been since opening up six years ago.

When we had the last snow fall and a little bit of warm weather, we were extremely busy,” Hockley said, “and then again, this morning — we got rain last night and the warm weather, lots of basements are getting flooded.”

Hockley says water comes around the side of the house and raises the water table and even houses with weeping tile, which is supposed to waterproof the exterior of a foundation, are getting water inside.

Basements are usually hit the hardest, however, some water can also get into houses from ice buildup underneath roof tiles and getting into attics, Hockley added.