City warning about late billing scam

City of Cranbrook advises the public that the City does not visit homes to inquire about overdue bills or seek any type of bill payments.

  • Jul. 31, 2014 7:00 a.m.

A resident was recently approached by an unidentified man claiming to be collecting past due utility bills on behalf of the city. The City of Cranbrook wants to advise the public that the City does not visit your home to inquire about any overdue bills or seek any type of bill payments.

“Earlier today (Wednesday, July 30) the City of Cranbrook was made aware of someone attempting to collect payments of past due City utility bills, while claiming they were employed by the City of Cranbrook,” said Chris Zettel, the city’s corporate communications officer.

Zettel said a resident on 3rd Avenue North was approached by an unidentified male claiming that he worked for the City of Cranbrook. The male told the resident that they were late paying their city utility bills. He said the resident replied that they were just renting the home and that the owner was not available to talk. The resident didn’t provide the unidentified male with any information and the male then left.

Zettel said that if you are approached by anyone claiming to work for the City of Cranbrook, be sure to ask for identification as all employees of the City of Cranbrook carry a proper city employee identification card.

Residents who may have received such a visit or have any additional questions or information about this scam, please contact the Cranbrook RCMP detachment at 250-489-3471.