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City to examine effectiveness of tourist signage

Tourists passing through Cranbrook may not know about attractions off the highway because of insufficient signage

Cranbrook council hopes to draw more out-of-town visitors off the strip to discover what the city has to offer.

On Sept. 9, city council decided to approach the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to conduct a study on the effectiveness of the tourist signage along Highway 3/95.

The study was a recommendation by the city's Highway 3/95 Revitalization Committee.

"What the committee would like to see is signs along Highway 3/95 directing people to some of the features we have off the highway," said Mayor Wayne Stetski.  "The feeling is that if you just drive through Cranbrook right now ...  all sorts of things are currently missed. The recommendation from the committee is that a study would mean the city sits down with the Ministry of Transportation and look at what could be done to better feature the many attractions and opportunities we have in Cranbrook.

"If you drive through Cranbrook and you have children, right now the only thing you can see that you can take them to is fast food places. You would never know that within a block or two of Highway 3 there are some great playgrounds you can take your kids to and other amenities."

The study will take place next year.