Cranbrook city hall.

City to apply for infrastructure grant to replace Gold Creek dam, intake reservoir

The City of Cranbrook is applying for a federal government infrastructure grant to be used towards the replacement of the Gold Creek dam, reservoir and intake structure.

The dam structure and intake area is in significant disrepair, and is under increasing surveillance, particularly through the spring freshet, according to a staff report.

The dam at the intake and reservoir location is in significant disrepair, experiencing ongoing water piping through the structure, and having a spillway that is deteriorating and at a risk of failure,” reads a staff report.

“The spillway appears to have been raised in elevation from the existing concrete apron, thereby decreasing the freeboard and putting the structure at risk during flood events.”

The intake reservoir and pipeline diverts water from the upper Gold Creek watershed to the Phillips Reservoir, which serves as the city’s primary water storage source.

The project is currently scheduled for 2022 and budgeted for just under $6 million. If successful, the grant would pay for 90 per cent of the project,while the city would contribute it’s 10 per cent share of $585,390.

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