City, school board reach agreement on dog park

There will be a new off-leash dog park in Cranbrook.

There will be a new off-leash dog park in Cranbrook. The new park will be located on the former grounds of Muriel Baxter Elementary School off 2nd Street South and Victoria Avenue.

Maryse Leroux, director of Corporate Services, said the City of Cranbrook and School District 5 have come to an agreement, which will allow the city to operate and maintain an off-leash dog use area at the location.

Leroux said the details are still being finalized, but city staff has already started developing the implementation plan, which will include installing fencing, garbage containers, signage and gates.

Coun. Norma Blissett asked when the dog park will be completed.

Leroux replied that Leisure Services expects the park to be finished early next year.

Coun. Danielle Cardozo asked about the state of the water system the school district was originally planning to put in at the site.

“When that discussion came up and we knew the school district was putting in a new water system, we kind of talked about how it might be money saving, because we were going to put in a water tap or two,” Cardozo asked. “Did that end up happening?”

City staff said they weren’t sure what had happened to the request for information on the water system that went to the school board.