City outlines proposed roads program

The City of Cranbrook issued a release on the proposed 2015 Capital Roads program.

  • Feb. 19, 2015 1:00 p.m.

A total of 10 collector and local streets in the City of Cranbrook has been identified for repaving, as part of a revamped roads program for 2015.

Council directed staff to identify roads that could be simply repaved, in order to maximize the amount of paving that could occur as part of the 2015 Capital Roads program.

Last week, staff presented the list of 10 streets to Council, which was approved.

Those collector streets identified include:

•Kootenay Street from 21st Avenue to Kootenay Place

•Cranbrook Street from Highway 3 to 2nd Street North

•2nd Street South from Victoria Avenue to 24th Avenue South

2nd Street South from 27th Avenue to 31st Avenue Local streets identified include:

•3A Street South from the start to 26th Avenue South

•4th Street South from 24th Avenue to 27th Avenue

•5th Street South from 24th Avenue to 26th Avenue

•25th Avenue South from 3rd Street South and 3A Street South

•26th Avenue South from 3A Street South to 6th Street South

•2A Street/25th Avenue from 27th Avenue to 3rd Street South, with some sidewalk and drainage repairs required.

The road assessment conducted by Engineering & Development Services is based on four factors: condition of the water lines, sewer lines, storm sewer system and the condition of the road.

Staff used asset management tools including the Integrated Infrastructure Capital Plan (IICP) to help determine the proposed road list.

Staff examined each section of road through the IICP lens choosing roads where the underground lineal infrastructure has a life expectancy of at least another 15 years to reduce the risk of road repair in the near future.

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