City of Cranbrook updates website

The City of Cranbrook has a newly redesigned website as of this week.

The City of Cranbrook has a newly redesigned website as of this week.

The update, meant to make navigation of the site easier, has been in development for earlier this year.

“The biggest thing we were trying to do is streamline the process for staff to maintain and update the website and make it easier for the public to get in and find the information quickly,” said Chris Zettel, the city’s corporate communications officer. “On the old site you really had to pick and choose through the pages to find the application for various things: from building permits to forms for council and those sorts of things. We were able to put all those forms into one spot.”

Zettel said a lot of planning went into the site and most aspects have been updated.

The redesign also makes things easier for city staff from a maintenance side of things. Zettel said the old website was more tedious. Something like the city map was located in multiple places on the site, so to update it required visiting all those locations manually which took time. Now that process is much more streamlined.

“It’s a time saver for staff and creates a better product on the other end for residents to easily get in and find what they’re looking for,” he said.

Next up the city is doing a full redesign of the Western Financial Place website, which will have a similar theme to the city site.

The city’s website is