City of Cranbrook removing trees downtown, Rotary Park

Plans in the works to get some new trees in place in the next few months.

  • Feb. 25, 2016 12:00 p.m.

Trevor Crawley

The City of Cranbrook is removing some trees in the downtown core on Baker St., with city staff completing the work on Tuesday.

Public Works will continue to be out on Thursday morning, as crews are scheduled to remove the root balls from the planters, added Chris Zettel, the communications officer for the City of Cranbrook.

“Over the last number of months, even in the last fall, our public works staff—our resident arborist—he tours the parks and city spaces and takes stock of the trees and those sorts of things.

It appears that a handful of trees along Baker Street and a few in Rotary Park were looking in pretty poor shape and the decision was made to remove them.

“Really it’s just a safety thing. There are concerns with branches coming down on people or vehicle with windstorms—the trees come down quite easily.”

Zettel said there are plans in the works to get some new trees in place in the next few months.

“Later on in the summer, we’ll plant some new trees,” Zettel said. “The ones that are being taken out on Baker Street and in Rotary Park in the next month or so will be replaced.”

In addition to work on Baker St., additional dead or dying trees are set to be removed from Rotary Park sometime over the next month. Public Works will be replacing those trees as well.