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City of Cranbrook reminds residents to clear sidewalks within 24hrs of snow

Snow Angels program is available for those who cannot clear sidewalks on their own
The City of Cranbrook is reminding residents of their responsibility to clear sidewalks outside of their properties within 24 hours of a snow event. The Snow Angels program is available for anyone who needs help with snow clearing. (Photo: Amy Reid)

The City of Cranbrook is reminding residents that it is their responsibility to remove ice and snow from sidewalks bordering their properties.

Within 24 hours of a snow event, ice and snow must be removed, the City said in a press release. These rules are part of the changed Streets, Traffic and Parking Bylaw that was adopted by Council on May 31, 2021.

“Many of our residents and business owners already faithfully clear their sidewalks after it snows and we appreciate that,” said Paul Heywood, Manager of Bylaw and Building Services. “This bylaw change encourages those who do not clear their sidewalks to start, to allow for better mobility of everyone using our sidewalks during the winter months.”

The City also asks that residents shovel the snow onto their properties, as opposed to the road. It’s also important to avoid blocking sight lines from your driveway when piling snow.

“Try to keep parked cars off the road during and shortly after a snow storm,” the City says on their website. “This allows our operators to do their job better and push snow back to the curb.”

Whenever possible, be sure to help out neighbours that may need assistance clearing their driveways and sidewalks, says the City.

For those who have trouble clearing snow on their own, the City and the Canadian Mental Health Association Kootenays (CMHA) suggest getting in touch with the Snow Angel program. The program has a list of volunteers who can help with snow clearing.

Anyone interested in volunteering with the Snow Angels program can sign up now. Visit the City website at, and search ‘Winter Road Maintenance’ to find out more. You can also call CMHA Kootenays at 250-426-5222.

Corey Bullock

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