With the spring freshet upon us, now is the time to take the steps to prevent flooding in and around your home. (City of Cranbrook file)

With the spring freshet upon us, now is the time to take the steps to prevent flooding in and around your home. (City of Cranbrook file)

City of Cranbrook advises residents to protect properties from spring flooding

Taking steps to protect your property from flood risk is an important task all year

With spring comes warmer temperatures, rainfall and rapid snowmelt that can result in flooding in Cranbrook.

The City of Cranbrook is advising residents to take the proper precautions to prevent flooding in homes and yards.

In a press release, the City explained that at this time of year it is normal for staff to begin getting large volumes of calls around flooding basements.

“Taking steps and the proper precautions now to prepare and protect your home and property from possible flooding is important as we begin to move into the spring months,” explained the City. “Being proactive and working to stop drainage problems before they start can save you a lot of money and headaches down the road.”

The City recommends taking the time and effort to make sure that your lot is graded properly, with the ground sloping away from your home so water drains away from the foundation.

“Grading your lot so water runs toward the street wherever possible is one of the most important things you can do as a homeowner,” said Chris Zettel, Corporate Communications Officer for Cranbrook.

Installing backwater sanitary valves – devices designed to allow water to flow in one direction only – can offer a decreased risk of a sewage backup in your home if it is installed correctly and properly maintained.

“Properly installing sump pumps to drain into your yard or the storm sewer system and not the sanitary sewer is also an important step in preventing sewage backup,” Zettel advises.

The City of Cranbrook has an extensive amount of information on their website to help homeowners with flooding preparation. There is information on a variety of potential flood risks and suggestions of ways that homeowners can minimize the potential of flood damage, from simple and inexpensive fixes to more labour intensive and long-term projects. All of this information can be found at www.cranbrook.ca. Click on the ‘residents’ tab, and follow the link for ‘flooding information’.

“The site covers back flow prevention and proper lot grading, along with information on risks around spring melt and overland flooding and the use of sump pumps and sandbags,” explains the City. “The website also helps residents to understand the differences between the City’s storm sewer and sanitary sewer systems and provides information around homeowner responsibilities.”

Some of those responsibilities include, but aren’t limited to, taking the first steps to minimize flood risk, and notifying your homeowner or rental insurance agent of damage as soon as possible.


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