City nearing completion of report for indoor facility

City nearing completion of report for indoor facility

The city is nearing the completion of a report that will shed some light on the status of a proposed indoor facility that is being spearheaded by a local volunteer and backed by a regional soccer organization.

“I’m pleased to announce that we are very close to finishing our review, so in the closest timing as possible, we will update the council through whatever venue available, then we will have some discussion about it,” said David Kim, the city’s Chief Administrative Official.

The issue was raised by Coun. Norma Blissett at the last council meeting, who said she had an inquiry about the matter, and hoped to see a delegation from Mike Robinson or the Kootenay East Youth Soccer Association to talk about options identified in the report.

Kim said there will be internal discussions with staff and council before extending an invite to Robinson and KEYSA representatives to have a discussion at a public council meeting.

Blissett noted the issue is time-sensitive, as funding from grants obtained through various sources could expire.

“Their funding has already been delayed to wait for this decision, so we need to get on this for the beginning of February, and especially if they need a chance to see that report to be able to answer anything that comes up in it,” Blissett said.

The indoor sports facility proposal has touched off a widespread community debate about a potential location. Initial discussions identified six places, with Balmont Park being a preferred area for KEYSA and volunteers due to it’s centralized location, while council offered a License of Occupation at Moir Park.

Robinson has said the Moir Park location projects to lose $40,000 annually due to it’s out-of-the-way location in the industrial park. The proposed facility is intended to be a multi use indoor space for sports such as soccer, lacrosse, baseball and more, as well as serving as an option for conventions, trade shows and more.

The facility is envisioned to be a 2,600 square metres space of indoor heated floors on artificial turf.