City issues reminder on prohibited areas for dogs

City issues reminder on prohibited areas for dogs

The city is asking residents to keep dogs off sports fields, playgrounds and ecologically sensitive areas as the ground thaws and the warmer spring temperatures loom.

The request lines up with changes to the Animal Control Bylaw that were approved by council last November in an effort to reduce and prevent animal, uh, deposits in prohibited areas such as soccer fields, ball fields and playing surfaces. The changes to the bylaw also includes places such as wading pools, water parks, splash pads and playground equipment.

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“These updated regulations reflect standard practices in many municipalities and will help us to ensure our kids don’t step in unwelcome surprises when they are enjoying our recreation facilities,” said Chris New, the Director of Community Services. “The city is continuing to expand our dog friendly options which will include a new off-leash area at Moir Park in 2020.”

In addition to sports fields and such, the prohibited areas aslo include several ecologically sensitive areas at Elizabeth Lake and Idlewild Lake, both of which will be marked by signage.

Anyone with a dog off-leash in prohibited areas can be hit with a $100 fine.

All other areas in the city are approved for dogs, provided they are on-leash, except for the Muriel Baxter off-leash dog park.

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