City endorses wildfire mitigation grant application

City endorses wildfire mitigation grant application

City council has endorsed a staff application to apply for grant funding that would go towards FireSmart activities and treatment work to mitigate wildfire risk.

The grant funding is eligible through the Community Resiliency Investment program, which is a partnership between the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, the provincial government and industry.

The program was launched last year and has provided funding to more than 120 local governments and First Nations.

Cranbrook is eligible to apply for $150,000 as a community with a higher wildfire risk that includes logical treatment units which extend into provincial crown land, while communities with lower risk are only eligible for $25,000.

Scott Driver, the Acting Director of Fire and Emergency Services, told council this is only one funding stream he is hoping to access in order to tackle wildfire mitigation.

“We will be going after other monies when found available,” said Driver.

The application deadline is Oct. 18.