Cranbrook city hall.

City discloses annual financial statements for salaries, expenses

The City of Cranbrook has released it’s unaudited 2020 Statement of Financial Information showing remuneration for elected officials and senior staff as part of annual financial reporting requirements mandated by the provincial government.

Cranbrook Mayor Lee Pratt earned just over $67,000, including expenses, while all six councillors each earned just over $24,000, along with expenses.

Total salaries and expenses for elected officials came out to $216,131.

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In addition to compensation for elected officials, municipalities must disclose the salaries of employees who earn over $75,000. The city reports that 70 employees earned over $75,000 last year, and 40 of those earned over $100,000.

Ron Fraser, who served much of last year as the city’s Acting Chief Administrative Officer — the municipality’s top administration official — was the top earner at $169,928.

Employee earnings for those who surpassed the $75,000 threshold added up to $7.39 million, while employee earnings for those under the $75,000 threshold totalled 5.54 million.

All told, employee earnings tallied $12.9 million, with total expenses at $123.923, in addition to the city’s share of employee benefits at $3.3 million.

One severance agreement was made between the city and a non-unionized employee, which represented 12 months of compensation.

In terms of payments for goods and services over $25,000, the city paid out $40.3 million, while the consolidated total for goods and services under $25,000 came out to $3.3 million.

Some of the larger account payments include $1 million to Terus Construction, $1 million to Rayonier A.M Canada GP — the city’s last payment for acquiring the former Tembec industrial lands, before selling it to Peak Properties last fall — and $2.5 million to Western Roofing Master Roofers, which completed work at Western Financial Place.

The Statement of Financial Information will be included in the city’s 2020 annual report, which will be posted on the city’s website in the coming days. Public feedback on the document will be considered by elected officials during a council meeting on June 28th.