A contractor has been hired to trap and relocate a 'problematic' beaver in the Idlewild Park wetlands area. Photo courtesy Karen Peters.

City clarifies Idlewild relocation plan after beaver backlash

Relocating a beaver in the Idlewild Park area to a more suitable open-water habitat will be more ideal for creature’s long-term survival, according to the City of Cranbrook.

Following a social media outcry over it’s relocation plan, the City is clarifying that Idlewild Park isn’t a suitable long-term habitat for the beaver, as it does not provide enough sustainable food sources.

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“Any currently stockpiled food would not be enough for the beavers to survive once the lake freezes,” reads an updated statement from the City. “Relocating them to a more appropriate water body, one that does not freeze, with ample food sources will better ensure that they will survive the winter as they can access food all winter.”

Calling the beavers ‘recent arrivals’ to the Ildewild Park reservoir, the city says decisions have been informed by the trapper contracted to help with the relocation, as well as local wildlife biologists and the Conservation Officers Service.

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In addition to habitat concerns, the city also adds that fallen trees can interfere with the Idlewild Dam bypass structure associated with gate and spillway operations. The city also listed potential flooding concerns to nearby properties upstream of any dams built by the beavers.

“We understand the positive draw these industrious creatures created around Idlewild, providing a wonderful venue for people to see nature at work up close,” continues the city statement. “But to reduce the risk of flooding upstream, ensure the continued safe operation of our dam infrastructure, while ensuring the long-term well-being of the beavers, the relocation must be done.”


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