Cranbrook city hall. Photo by Trevor Crawley.

Cranbrook city hall. Photo by Trevor Crawley.

City approves funding for Mount Royal infrastructure remediation

City council voted to spend up to $1.75 million this year to repair failed infrastructure in the Mount Royal Estates neighbourhood, after setting a legal dispute that was launched to recover costs for remediation.

That lawsuit was settled for $11.75 million, with the funds being directed towards the repairs this year, which include replacing a section of sewer along Mount Royal Drive due to grade issues.

The full cost of the repairs, based on the option selected by council, is $3.83 million, meaning an additional $2.08 million is needed from other sources as part of future annual Capital Roads Program spending.

As part of the council’s preferred option, repairs include rehabilitating trench fill and replacing any failed curb, gutters or sidewalks.

The proposed repairs and remediation does not extend to any work that needs to be done to nearby Abel Ave.

Staff had presented three options to council — a full remediation for the highest cost at $6.58 million, as well as another option at $2.92 million that carried moderate risks of failing to correct settlement issues.