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Cats must now be licensed in the City of Cranbrook

New feline fiat gives pet-owners paws; Where will a cat carry her license? In her purrse?
“Can I see your license, Kitty?”

Cats must now be licensed in Cranbrook.

Changes to the Animal Control bylaw, approved by Cranbrook City Council at their regular meeting Monday, November 21 now requires that cats be licensed within the City of Cranbrook.

Cat owners are encouraged to purchase their annual cat license at City Hall. Dog owners are also required to license their pets.

Under the changes to the Animal Control Bylaw, cats are to be treated exactly the same as dogs, in that if they are off their own home property or not leashed, they are considered running-at-large, something the City says all cat owners must be aware of.

“Our bylaw team will be out providing the public with information about these changes to the bylaw through the end of the year,” says Paul Heywood, Manager of Building and Bylaw Services. “We encourage those with cats to license them as soon as possible.”

Under the bylaw amendment, the license fees for cats that are spayed or neutered is $15 per year. Non-spayed or neutered cats; the licensing fee is $30 per year.

Barry Coulter

About the Author: Barry Coulter

Barry Coulter had been Editor of the Cranbrook Townsman since 1998.
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