Car fire spreads to house, fire department quick in response

Car fire spreads to house, fire department quick in response

The Fire Department was quick in a response to keep and dangerous situation from spreading, in the early morning of Monday, Jan. 7.

Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services was called to a vehicle fire in the rear of a residence on the 1000 Block of 19th Avenue, just before 8 a.m.

However, while that response was in progress, Dispatch was informed that the fire had spread to the family home, and the fire department upgraded its response to bring in additional staff.

Scott Driver, Acting Director of Fire & Emergency Services, said in a press release that upon arrival, firefighters confirmed that the vehicle fire had extended to the home, but were able to quickly put it out and stop any further loss to the home or adjacent structures.

“The family, who was getting ready for a regular school and work day, was unharmed and only had to be out of their home for a brief period of time,” Driver said. “The crew deployed a specially designed exhaust fan to rapidly replace the hazardous products of combustion with safe, clean air from outside. Once confirmed that there was no remaining carbon monoxide in the home, the family was allowed to return inside.”

Driver noted that car fires do happen from time to time, and when they are parked in or near living spaces, there is an additional risk of spread to nearby homes or values.

“Limiting your risks during this heating season is important, and so is ensuring that when a fire does occur you get help on the way immediately. Fire grows at an alarming rate when left unimpeded, and a small car fire can spread to a home in minutes.

“Dialing 911 and getting the family to safety was certainly the best actions that could have occurred, and we are very grateful that this incident turned out as well as it did.”