Candidate profile: Wesly Graham

Wesly Graham is a candidate running for city council.

  • Nov. 14, 2014 2:00 p.m.

Wesly Graham is seeking a seat on Cranbrook council. Graham has 9 years previous council experience he is bring with him as he has moved back to his home town. Cranbrook has been home to Grahams’ family for 3 generations and where he was born and raised.

Wesly says he got his appetite for municipal politics from sitting in his Grandpa Roys’ barbershop where so many conversations happened around politics.

Graham will focus on the issues of infrastructure, health care and safety, recreation and economic opportunities. “These are the factors that people look at when moving to a community.” “It’s time to stop the studies and get projects moving. I believe there is savings to be found in our current budgets that we can reinvest in our community to build it stronger and better than ever.”

Graham is also bringing his past work experiences to the table, which include 4 years working in the sawmill industry, 6 years office manager/ bookkeeper of a small business and now is employed with the Federal Government.Graham has learned how to stretch dollars and look to new fresh ideas for innovation and cost savings.  Graham would love to answer any questions, also check out his website for contact information.