Candidate profile: Tom Shypitka

Tom Shypitka is running for Cranbrook city council.

  • Nov. 14, 2014 7:00 a.m.

As a long term (4th Generation) Cranbrook resident and business owner for the last 33 years, I am a firm believer that Cranbrook has a bright future. However, we are now faced with making some of the most important decisions we will ever need to make as a community that will ultimately drive forward the direction of future generations.

My approach to representing Cranbrook is one that includes transparency, accountability and involvement from all points of view that focus on these core issues:

• Attract skilled doctors and develop health programs.

• Grow tourism and promote what our beautiful city has to offer.

• Deal with the increasing problem with poverty and disadvantaged children.

• Execute an economic plan that will increase our tax base without increasing taxes.

• Support our local businesses in a way that will help our City to prosper in a fiercely competitive global marketplace.

• Fix and develop infrastructure (roads, sewer, water).

• Foster and grow a vibrant arts and entertainment culture.

If you have opinions and ideas and you want your voice heard about the future direction of our great City, vote me, Tom Shypitka for Cranbrook City Council and your concerns and ideas will become part of the decision making process.