Candidate profile: John York

John York is running for mayor of Cranbrook.

  • Nov. 14, 2014 4:00 p.m.

Look At All I’ve Done:

1) Election Security Was Slack – I’ve been writing letters to all levels of government or three years, trying to improve ballot counting security. Our last two Electoral Officers are now gone. And security has been tightened in most areas. But sadly, what goes on behind closed doors, could be improved.

2) RecPlex Is Sacred – Three years ago I was the only mayoral candidate who dared challenge this money pit. I’ve figured out that Every “DAY” City Hall is burning $ 9,431 of your tax dollars, to keep the RecPlex afloat.

3) Field Charges Were Automatic – I also stopped Leisure-services knee jerk response of demanding that anybody wanting to use a field for a casual game (such as soccer) had to book a field, and pay a fee. Now you can use any unoccupied field or school yard for a pick up game, without fear of penalty.

4) Transparency – I found out that city hall has no policy to disclose how the mayor or counselors voted, nor must they list, what they accomplished while in office. Without accountability, how do we know who to re-elect and who to boot out of office.

5) Fluoride Is A Poison – I was the only mayoral candidate to demand we remove fluoride from our drinking supply. I spent two years writing letters describing how deadly fluoride is. And now we can vote to remove it.

To learn more about my battles, plus:

• How voters are manipulated.  • Why Credit is a dirty word.• Why we must all vote. • Who to vote for when you don’t like any of the choices, be it municipal, provincial or federal. • How to know who to kick out, etc.

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