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Candidate profile: James Elliott

James Elliott is a candidate running for city council.

I moved to Cranbrook whenI was young and been here most of my life.I raised my family here. I love this city.

I ran my campaign on a zero dollar budget. I chose this way.  The message of lack of accountability, over spending trust and respect that has been non-existent in this council is now being echoed from voices of the great citizens of this city.

For 30 years I worked within the city of cranbrook. I gathered knowledge, experience and common sense. This needs to be shared with you the taxpayers. If it has been done before and failed, let’s not do the same thing again. We need an accurate budget and one that shows that we actually know what these items are and the precise costs involved. The direction council has taken is one that we can not afford to follow. The future of this great city depends of you. The future of our children depends on you. The direction the new council will follow depends of you. Your vote can change that direction.

I want to thank everyone for allowing me to voice my opinion and concerns how council is spending your tax dollar. The citizens of Cranbrook need to know their tax dollar is being spent wisely. We need a voice to say that enough is enough. I am that voice.