Candidate profile: Isaac Hockley

Isaac Hockley is a candidate running for city council.

  • Nov. 14, 2014 4:00 p.m.

Cranbrook is a great city and as a member of council I will continue to build upon the strengths of our community while at the same time bring a fresh perspective to local government.

As a third generation businessman, I want to see a community that encourages small business growth and reduces barriers for local businesses. I want to explore opportunities to expand our tourism base and implement strategies to fully utilize existing infrastructure, such as The Western Financial Place. I believe in financial accountability and will ensure responsible city spending and budgets that reflect priorities of the public. We have a wealth of artistic talent within our community and I want to implement strategies to increase opportunities to highlight arts and culture in our city.

My Name is Isaac Hockley and I am committed to :

•       reducing barriers for small business

•      increasing tourism

•       responsible city spending

•      increasing shows and events

•      increasing opportunities for the arts & culture

Vote Isaac Hockley November 15th