Candidate profile: Gerry Warner

Gerry Warner is running for Cranbrook city council.

  • Nov. 14, 2014 5:00 a.m.

As an independent watchdog seeking re-election to City Council, I will continue to hold the City to account on every decision it makes whether it’s roads, urban deer, taxes or services.

The same applies for the environment, arts and culture, the disabled, youth and the working poor. Good decision making is critical.

We can’t have councillors that are partial to special interest groups, political parties or are afraid to say no to City staff when they make a wrong decision. That’s not in the best interests of the citizenry.

I think our city government improved the past term. There was more discussion and debate and less use of the rubber stamp. But I also think we can do better and I’m prepared to help Council to do better by scrutinizing every issue to ensure it will benefit as many or our citizens as possible and help our city to prosper as a growing and caring community where everyone can achieve their potential through a caring government at City Hall.

On November 15 I urge you to put an “X” beside Gerry Warner and any others that you think will give Cranbrook the good government it deserves.