Candidate profile: Anna Hudson

Anna Hudson is a candidate running for city council.

  • Nov. 14, 2014 5:00 a.m.

Anna Hudson (BA Honours, MPA, LL.B., LL.M.) is an educator, public administrator, legally trained researcher and advocate.

Anna has over 18 years experience teaching and researching public administration, democracy, law and governance in different post-secondary institutions around the world, including the University of the Arctic, University of Saskatchewan, University of Victoria, Malaspina University-College, and Camosun College.

Anna is a mom, a dragon-boat racer, and an avid cyclist. Anna has a full-time administrative position with a local child protection non-profit agency, and she also works in the Cranbrook tourism and hospitality industry. Working in the downtown core, it is easy to see a lot of visual improvements over the past year, but it is clear that Cranbrook City Council still has a lot of work to do in terms of capitalizing on our potential as a destination city, instead of a pass through city.

Anna’s public policy priorities include improving Cranbrook’s infrastructure — particularly roads, water and sewage systems —while building our local economy. Most importantly she wants to increase the viability of the cycling system in this city. Her favourite areas of economic development are tourism, cultural heritage, solar energy, and social entrepreneurship.