Canada Post says it’s taking mobility issues seriously

Cranbrook Council discusses Canada Post letter about its conversion away from door to door and into community mailboxes.

Canada Post sent a letter to council talking about its planned conversion away from door to door and into community mailboxes over the next five years.

Canada Post wrote that they have “developed a process to help ensure Canadians with disabilities and seniors continue to have access to their mail after they transition to a (Community Mail Box).”

At Monday’s council meeting, Mayor Wayne Stetski said the good news is initially both he and the rest of council were concerned about how seniors and people with disabilities would access their mail boxes if they had mobility issues.

“It looks like that’s been highlighted for them across the country as something they need to take seriously and to provide some accommodation forward,” he said. “So I guess we’ll see what that actually looks like in the end.”

Coun. Angus Davis was still quite concerned.

“I’m old and I know a lot of old people. I know there are a lot of these people that still feel very uncomfortable in certain kinds of weather having to walk a block or two to get their mail,” Davis said. “Probably, it’s easy to say how you should be able to react to it, but until you get old and get a little bit shakier on your feet.”

Davis said the ones figuring it out have it down to the feet and inches, but maybe not the difficulties that getting older might instigate.

“When these people say there’s a problem, there is a problem,” Davis said.

Stetski agreed with him.

“I think we do need to keep an eye on how this looks on the ground, because what they’re saying so far is that they recognize that seniors and people with disabilities are different and they are going to figure out a way to accommodate them,” said Stetski.

Coun. Sharon Cross said one of her concerns was with how it would affect the municipality.

“In terms of placement and snow clearing, who’s going to be responsible for that?” she asked. “I guess those are some of the unanswered question municipalities are going to have.”

CAO Wayne Staudt said many today don’t get home delivery.

“I’d be surprised if more than 50 per cent of people in this town get home delivery,” Staudt said.

Coun. Gerry Warner said he has noticed a lot of homes displaying the “Save door to door delivery” signs on their lawns.

“Despite the PR barrage by Canada Post, there’s people who want to keep their door to door delivery,” he said.

Warner also wondered why Canada Post didn’t move to three days a week instead of moving to none.