Cadets celebrate 70 years in Kimberley

The Kimberley Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron held their 70th Annual Review Saturday, May 4.

  • May. 8, 2013 5:00 p.m.

Kaity Brown

Kimberley’s Air Cadet Squadron celebrated their 70th Annual Review at the Curling Rink by the Civic Centre Saturday, May 4. The event featured reviewing officers and commanders conducting a formal inspection of the cadets in uniform.

The demonstration showed the diligence of the cadets; their meticulous marches and protocol stances. All the cadets proved very professional and trained.  Awards were given out to students who showed exceptional skill and determination to the 266 Kimberley Air Cadet Squadron.

“The interesting thing about Kimberley was that right off the get go the mothers in Kimberley got together. That was the first sponsoring committee in Kimberley, which is very different in most cases in the country as far as history,” said Mr. Chris Van Moll, the master of ceremonies for the event.

“The mothers got together, as the first sponsoring group, in order to bring the Air Cadet Squadron here as the Second World War had started and the thought that this was a good way to protect their children by putting them into the air force rather than putting them into the army.”

The 70th year is a significant achievement for the cadets, proving that the program is still going strong. And even 70 years later, after  the parent involvement that sparked the Air Cadets in the first place, parent participation still a core part of the cadets today — an initiative for “the betterment and protection of our children” as described by Van Moll.

The cadets have the opportunity to learn a number of very interesting skills and talents which some showcased after the review such as riffle safety and other important protocols. One LAC, Leading Air Cadet Chorney, built a model airport which he said was inspired by the Cranbrook airport, but of his own design, which he showed to attendees of this year’s review.

Not only do the students learn about the skills particular to Royal Canadian Air Cadets, but they also learn about diligence, respecting others and how to be good citizens in their own communities.

Among the guests of honor at the event were Mayor Ron McRae, RCMP officer Pat Prefontaine and Fire Chief Al Collinson. Proud parents attended the events as well, supporting their children as parents have done for the cadets since 70 years ago.